OrthoMend Research, Inc. is an emerging Regenerative Orthopedic device company pioneering new technologies intended to revolutionize bone fixation after orthopedic, surgical and trauma situations. OrthoMend Research, Inc. is involved with commercializing technologies licensed from Temple University for an absorbable suite of bone fixation and drug delivery devices. We will develop, test and launch absorbable screws, pins and possibly plates to repair the millions of broken bones occurring each year. We are steadfast to be the leader in orthopedic devices delivering real-world technologies to impact the lives of those in need.


Our second generation screw design will incorporate a hollow cavitation with porous gradients. When loaded with therapeutic agents such as bone growth hormones, hydrogels or antibiotics, the bone fixation device will serve as a drug delivery vehicle directly to the affected bones (Osteobiologics).  This combination device will be an exciting improvement on the current orthopedic care possibilities.


OrthoMend Research, Inc. has licensed exclusive commercial rights from Temple University for Nano-Diamond technology in bone fixation which has the potential to evolve current therapies to fix, repair and regenerate bones and orthopedic drug delivery applications.  It is our desire to commercialize the technology to improve clinic outcomes, reduce costs and alleviate pain and suffering for our patients.


Our technologies will address:

  • How to repair broken and fractured bones effectively without the use of metal hardware

  • How to avoid long-term adverse events related to invasive drilling and metal fixation

  • How to create screws, pins and plates made of biomaterials reinforced with Nano-Diamonds

  • How to create a matrix bio-material Nano-Diamond capable of delivering therapeutics

  • How to deliver bone growth hormone, antimicrobial, anti-Inflammatory and other therapeutics via fixation implantable devices

Using these technologies, OrthoMend Research, Inc. plans to develop and commercialize (a) Bone fixation technology for reinforcing bone fractures; (b) Line extensions to include screws, pins and plates of absorbable polymers; (c) a second generation screw capable of delivering therapeutic agents directly to affected bones.

OrthoMend Research, Inc. plans to further develop and introduce these product candidates in a staged approach focusing initially on early development of Nano-Diamond screws and pins. These will be manufactured commercially utilizing an injection molded method which will need to be scaled up.  Our future strategy will be for the addition of crucial therapeutic agents to the devices through an ad-mixture before extrusion. This will include but will not be limited to antimicrobials, bone growth hormone and possibly stem cells.